Residential – Maidy’s Field

Project: Maidy’s Field Middletown Residence
Architect: Richard Stibolt
Delivery Method: Construction Management
Size: 6,600 SF
Duration: Completion September, 2005

The home includes a south facing green house attached to the garage to allow year round home grown vegetables and a dark room to develop photos. The extensive building has a state of the art kitchen and appliances along side a breakfast room with several windows facing directly east to catch the sunrise each morning. A wraparound patio surrounds half the building allowing a shaded area throughout the summer season. An extensive basement area creates more floor space for an office and storage area. An intricate wraparound stairwell extends from the finished basement floor to the second floor.

The project had been ongoing for several years when ABC was hired to take leadership over the project and see it to completion while still fulfilling the vision of the architect and the needs of the owner. Only 9 months later ABC had completed the job. Much of the framing, sheet rocking, finish work, siding and millwork still needed to be completed when Advanced Building Concepts stepped in.

Project Photos:

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