Educational – St. Philomena’s School Renovation

Project: St. Philomena’s School Renovation
Client: St. Philomena’s School, Cory’s Lane, Portsmouth, RI
Design Engineers: Newport Collaborative Architects
Delivery Method: Construction Management
Construction Start Date: March 2005
Construction Completion: September 2005Size: 12,200 sf

Project Description: Complete renovation of the 3-5 grade classroom building while school was in process with a completion deadline of that coming school year.

Work Performed: All new mechanical engineering, plumbing and insulation were installed throughout the building to bring it up to code and improve efficiency. A complete interior renovation with all new windows, bathrooms and finishes throughout made the learning environment more amiable. Advanced Building Concepts along with the help of our subcontractors restored the structural laminated beams, added a new full fire protection system where there wasn’t one previously and added new EPDM roof where it was needed. Some structural modifications were made to open up the space more including folding partition walls to allow use of either double or single classroom space. .

Value Engineering Some VE was done on the HVAC system & electrical systems to cut costs down while still keeping the integrity of the building.

Unique Construction Aspects: Work was done in 2 phases. To complete the job in the tight schedule given construction started while the building was still occupied. Because of the children within the vicinity of construction extreme safety measures were taken including scrubbers used on all the combustion driven equipment to eliminate fumes. The second phase, interior work mostly, was completed during the summer recess. The schedule was both short & critical and became a main priority to us and the customer. With the help of our architects, subcontractors and supervisors we turned an eleven month job into a 6 month symphony completing the job safely, efficiently and on time.

Project Photos:

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